Shutdowns and Turnarounds 2016

16 - 17 February, 2016

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


STO Strategies: From Planning to Execution

In 2016 the 13th Annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Summit will be returning to Rotterdam as the largest and longest running event in Europe

With an ever increasing need for cost control and management of project complexities, the significance of every decision made by a turnaround manager during the planning and execution stages of these landmark events is continuously imperative.

In 2016 we will be focusing upon the key areas that contribute to successful and efficient turnarounds of both onshore and offshore assets with dedicated sessions focusing on scope management, maintenance, data capture, contractor management, and health and safety

The Largest and Longest Established STO Event in Europe!

Providing a forum for operator case studies from the oil and gas world, with additional case study led presentations from utilities and petrochemicals, Shutdowns and Turnarounds 2016 promises to provide more opportunities for inter industry learning than any event before. Furthermore, we have an exhibition hall running alongside the main conference hall two days of interactive presentations targeted at all stages of the turnaround cycle and a day of dedicated interactive workshops.

Join 80+ operators from the Shutdowns community for an agenda full of interactive learning and networking!

We pride ourselves in being the most interactive event out there, with the a bustling exhibition hall, interactive panel discussions and practical sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to have your most important questions answered by our expert panelists, throughout the conference. Added to this the opportunity to take place in interactive workshops before the event, one to one meetings with key representatives, competitions and prize draws and you have a whole host of ways to connect with your peers, learn new methodologies in the area and conduct business.

Shutdowns and Turnarounds 2016 will tackle the key challenges, including:

  • Scope Management: Align departmental diversity and develop a system to align scope from planning through to execution
  • Maintenance: Techniques to reduce expenditure by executing robust day-to-day inspections, repairs and program implementation
  • Lessons Learned: Capturing data and implementing the lessons learned to improve the efficiency of your next turnaround project
  • Contractor Management: Overcome communicative and cultural challenges with your contractors while ensuring quality assurance
  • Health and Safety: Ensure quality control to and safety standard to avoid reputational damage

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